Carpets can easily become breeding grounds for bacteria, allergens and other pathogens that find their way into your home on the bottom of shoes, animal paws and through open windows. Often, carpets are made from densely woven fabrics, and so once these germs settle into your carpet it is hard to get rid of them with everyday domestic cleaning. This is where professional carpet cleaning can help.

Professional Carpet Cleaners

Our hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, process penetrates the deep layers of your carpet to get rid of this bacteria. The carpet cleaning process also dislodges the obvious dust and dirt that settles on your carpet, leaving them visibly cleaner. You might be surprised by how much the colour of your carpet can change, following a professional carpet cleaning visit.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is recognised as one of the most efficient methods, among industry experts. This type of carpet cleaning can significantly reduce allergen amounts, destroy mites and bed bugs, and it can improve the air quality as the filtration ability of the carpet is renewed. 

We use an advanced sanitiser that is manufactured to destroy a huge range of bacteria and viruses. However, it does not contain any irritants that will bother your home, your family or your furry friends.