Carpet Stains and Cleaning Tips

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As lovely as it would be for your carpet to be permanently in prime condition, unfortunately coffee stains, wine spills and muddy footprints are just a part of life. You could ask guests to remove shoes, or put a ban on red wine in rooms with carpet… but, you still need to know how to get rid of them, just in case.
Vacuuming regularly will keep your carper free of surface dust and dirt, but for spills and stains you need specific carpet cleaning solutions up your sleeve.

For General Stains

Get 2 spray bottles and fill one with cold water and another one with ¼ teaspoon of mild dishwashing liquid.
Spray the washing liquid solution onto an absorbent cloth, and dab, don’t rub it onto the stain. As the stain begins to dissolve, blot it with a clean section of cloth.
Spray a different cloth with the water, and use it to rinse the washing liquid from the carpet.
Pile some kitchen roll on the wet patch and put something heavy on top. This should absorb the water overnight and soak up any residual stain.
If the stain is still there in the morning you may need a more targeted approach.

For Pet Stains

Pets can be a nightmare when it comes to your carpet cleaning regime. In order to remove the marks your four-legged friend leaves behind, use a carpet cleaning product that has enzymes in it. These will work to destroy odour causing bacteria. Spray the cleaner, work it in with a clean, damp cloth and then rinse the area. Cover the area again with the cloth for upto 12 hours.

For Red Wine Stains

A red wine spill has the potential to ruin an otherwise perfect night. However, if you have the correct carpet cleaning product to hand, this need not be the case. First, you should try to blot as much spilled wine as possible, perhaps adding sparkling water as the bubbles will help lift the stain. Then, time is of the essence and you should apply a wine stain remover to blot up the rest of the mark.

For Coffee Stains

As with wine, you should try to blot up as much coffee as possible first. Then, mix one tablespoon of dish washing liquid, one tablespoon of white vinegar and two cups of warm water. Using a clean cloth, sponge the stain with the mixture then blot frequently with a dry cloth until the stain disappears.

Remembering these simple carpet cleaning tips, and making sure you always have the correct product on hand, can keep your carpets looking fresh for years to come.

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