How to Clean the 3 Most Common Types of Carpet

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A home is often more comfortable with a soft, plush carpet underneath. It makes the room feel warmer in winter, and also offers draught proofing properties that floorboards lack. But, it can be somewhat difficult to look after.

In order to keep your carpets looking fresh all year round you should arrange professional carpet cleaning twice a year.rofessional carpet cleaners will transform your carpets in a surprisingly quick time, at a reasonable price. They know which treatments are appropriate for which carpets, ensuring no damage is caused.

If you decide to undertake this task by yourself then you should know which methods are needed for which carpets. All carpets should be regularly vacuumed, but when it comes to actually cleaning, the material the carpet is made from determines the approach you should use.

Synthetic Carpets

f you want to remove stains from synthetic carpets then bicarbonate of soda and warm water can do a great job. You should always patch test on a small area first, no matter how certain you are that the cleaning will be a success.

Wool Carpets

Wool carpets can be fairly sensitive, alkaline products are not suitable for them as they will damage the wool. When trying to clean a wool carpet ensure you use products that are specifically labeled as being safe on wool. Wool carpets are also notoriously difficult to dry, as they retain a lot of water, this is why many people choose to hire a carpet cleaning company.

Natural Fibre Carpets

Carpets made from natural fibres can also be somewhat hard to clean. Natural carpets are made from materials such as sisal, coir, seagrass and jute. A lot of these materials are sensitive to moisture, so don’t assume that steam cleaning is the right option, as this can damage your carpets.

Instead, dry-chem cleaning can be a better option. This is a water free method of professional carpet cleaning that will refresh the fabric of your carpets using the help of a powerful powder.

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